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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929




Newsletters and Flyers

Newsletter is available only in PDF format and requires the combination as shown on your Membership card.

Current Newsletter

February 2008 Newsletter (Adobe PDF - require 2008 password)
February 2008 Calendar (Adobe PDF)


Previous Newsletters

January 2008 Newsletter (Adobe PDF - requires NEW 2008 password)

December 2007 Newsletter (Adobe PDF - requires 2007 password)

Access to the monthly newsletter will be limited to Adobe Acrobat format, or more commonly called a "PDF" file. 
This will  provide a level of privacy for our club business as it is password protected.

In order to open the document you will have to supply a password. That password matches the combination on your membership card. Simply enter it when prompted.

 If you do not have Adobe reader installed, get it here:
Adobe Reader
It is free to download, approximately 5MB in size..