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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929


On-Site Articles

Here are some reference articles to help you in your efforts to hunt, shoot or whatever and hopefully be successful.  These articles are gleamed from other sites or magazines and hopefully adequate reference to the originator has been given.

Shotgun     Pistol     Rifle     Ice Fishing    Deer

Clays Shooting Tips and Techniques

Ten Tips To Better Wing & Clay Shooting
Break More Clays
Nose Over Front Toes, The Key to Perfect Balance

Deer Hunting Articles

Information About Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Foods
Food Deer Eat
Spotting Deer
Whitetail Deer Tracks
Hunting Methods
Scouting For Deer
Sounds of the Whitetail
Calling Deer
Antler Development and Age
How to age a whitetail deer
Predicting Whitetail Activity
Shot placement on the Whitetail deer
Shot placement on the Whitetail deer-Second Article
Estimating Your Deer's Live Weight

How to Find a Wounded Deer

Trailing Wounded Deer
Recovering Wounded Deer
How to Skin a Whitetail Deer
Field Dressing the Whitetail Deer
Butchering Your Deer and Expected Yield
Slaughtering and Butchering
Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

Pistol Shooting Tips and Techniques

Load a Dummy Round to Correct Flinching
Trigger and Grip Technique: See the Light, Shoot Right

Rifle Shooting Tips and Techniques

Lengthen Your Rifle Stock and Improve Your Scores
How To Sight In Your .22 Rifle
Rifle Trigger Control
Training With Optics

Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques

Ice Safety
Ice Fishing Tips
Ice Fishing Basics
Colorado Ice Fishing Primer
Rods, Reels & Line
Ice Fishing Comments
Build A Shanty
Catch and Release Programs
Everything You Need To Know About Ice Fishing