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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929


 Frontline Top Spot  Lyme Prevention


Is a pre-mixed, pre-measured liquid that provides your pet with guaranteed protection against fleas and ticks.

FRONTLINE TOP SPOT comes in 3 sizes for dogs (up to 22 lbs., 23 to 44 lbs., 45 to 88 lbs.) and 1 size for cats. It's convenient, highly effective and only needs to be applied once a month to give your pet superior flea and tick protection.

Read the following instructions carefully before applying FRONTLINE TOP SPOT to your pet



  1. Remove the applicator from its package by peeling away the protective foil from the top and pulling down.
  2. With the blue side facing away from you, snap back the end of the applicator.

2. PART YOUR PET'S COATLocate a spot between your pet's shoulder blades and part the fur.

Place the tip of the applicator upon the exposed skin between your pet's parted fur and apply FRONTLINE TOP SPOT directly onto the skin, squeezing the applicator 2 or 3 times until it's completely empty. Check the applicator to make sure you've applied all the contents.

Remember that it's important to apply FRONTLINE TOP SPOT directly to your pet's skin -- not to the surface of the fur.


When you apply FRONTLINE to your pet, the active ingredient Fipronil is stored in the natural oils of his/her skin and coat. This provides your pet with protection against fleas and ticks for a month -- even after a whole lot of baths and shampoos (or as many as your pet will sit still for!). In fact, your pet can romp in the rain, splash in the surf and get soaked to his/her happy heart's content without losing any protection against fleas and ticks.

Unlike other products which work only after fleas or ticks have bitten your pet, FRONTLINE kills 'em soon after contact. The flea and tick life cycles are then broken because the adults die before they can lay any of their eggs.

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Your pet won't need separate flea and tick control products because FRONTLINE gets the whole job done all by itself. Yet it's gentle enough to be used on puppies and kittens.

The small dose of fipronil dissolves into the natural oils of your pet's skin and coat. From there, it works its way over and around your pet's body and provides your pet with long-lasting flea and tick protection -- even after repeated shampooing, swimming or frolicking through puddles.