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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929


Firearms Ethics

Any firearm is only an instrument. It contains no evil, no conscience, and no ability.   It is strictly the intent, competence, and character of its user that decide the outcome of any and all actions taken with it.

  • Socially and morally legitimate uses for the firearm are:
    • Sport: (Hunting...)
    • Recreation: (Competitive, and target shooting, plinking...)
    • Defensive purposes: (Self defense, and pursuant to the concepts embodied in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States)
      • The right to self defense is one of the inalienable God-given rights, while the Second Amendment is a right granted by the Constitution to preserve freedom. Both are individual rights as well as responsibilities which can never be delegated.
      • If the firearm is chosen for defense, it should never be the sole source of any defensive strategy. It should represent the last resort in a comprehensive defensive plan that at least uses prevention as its first measure.
    • A firearm is never to be used to perpetrate unprovoked aggression.
  • Therefore; from the moment I chose to handle a firearm, it is I who am ultimately responsible for the consequences of any actions that may follow from the use of the firearm.
  • Therefore; it is my intent that determines its use.
  • Therefore; it is my character that determines the intent for which the firearm is used.
  • Therefore; it is my competence that determines the accuracy of the firearm's use.