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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929


Miscellaneous Firearm Links

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CT Sportsman Club Web Sites

Bristol Fish and Game Just like it says.
Brookfield Sportsmen's Club, Inc. Brookfield Sportsmen's Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 72
Brookfield, CT 06804
Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen The Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen is dedicated to the protection, promotion and preservation of hunting, fishing, trapping and the scientific wildlife management programs which support them; Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional provisions; Boating; Land use; and other sportsmen associated issues through legislative lobbying, legal defense in the courts, and political action. 
Connecticut/Rhode Island Coastal Fly Fishers The CT/RI is a group of people that enjoy salt water fly fishing. The want to help preserve, conserve, and protect the Coastal Fisheries and their habitats.
Connecticut State Rifle and Revolver Association... Formed in 1927 with the objectives of promoting education and training for citizens of good repute in the safe handling of firearms and to encourage the lawful ownership of firearms for sport and recreation. Since its inception The Connecticut Marksmen Newsletter has been published to keep its members informed on happenings around the state. The Connecticut Marksmen is published quarterly featuring articles from members and directors. Your participation is also welcomed.
Farmington River Angler's Association The Farmington River Anglers' Association is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the preservation, protection, and enhancement of the river and its outstanding fishery. Our activities include river cleanups, salmon and trout stocking, educational programs, and political activism when necessary.
Northeast Combat Pistol League Inc. Northeast Combat Pistol League is a members only club that shoots combat handgun, shotgun and rifle. We utilize the facilities of the Metacon Gun Club which is located at 106 Nod Rd, Simsbury, Connecticut.
Somers Sportsmen's Association The Somers Sportsmen's Association remains as it's Founders intended:  Promoting firearm safety, an appreciation for the outdoors and the wise use of all it has to offer.
Elm City Gun Club Established  in 1941 and Inc. in 1945, The Elm City Gun Club is Located on North High St. in East Haven.  We are a 'Not For profit' club.
GunSAFE (CT) We are the "Quiet Majority" of Connecticut firearms owners — parents, teachers, attorneys, doctors, police officers, and other private citizens who own guns mainly to protect ourselves and our families.
Ye Connecticut Gun Guild

Our purpose is to establish and maintain in Connecticut a permanent organization for the promotion of friendship among, and for the mutual benefit of, persons interested in the collection, preservation, and use of arms and accessories.  Another important purpose of the Guild is to take a united stand in opposing legislation or regulation at any level of government which may be injurious to the collection, preservation, possession, or use of firearms by responsible collectors, shooters, sportsmen, and other firearms owners.

Metropolitan Revolver League The Metropolitan Revolver League currently consists of thirteen Bullseye pistol teams in the Greater Hartford CT area. These teams meet for formal NRA-style Bullseye pistol matches each week between September and April, culminating in a league award banquet held each May or June. Although teams have come and gone since its inception, the league celebrated its 60th anniversary in spring of 1998.
Silver City Gun Club Silver City Gun Club is a .22 caliber gun club located in Meriden, Connecticut. We are a gun club devoted to .22 caliber pistol and rifle shooting. We also offer a program of air pistol shooting. 
Torrington Gun Club The Torrington Gun Club provides a safe and comfortable place for its membership to enjoy recreational and competitive indoor shooting.  We are responsible and law-abiding citizens who believe in our birthright of liberty and freedom, including the right to keep and bear arms.
Homesteaders Shooting Club The Homesteaders Shooting Club competes in Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), the fastest growing shooting sport in the country.  We are located in Ledyard, Connecticut and are a SASS and NRA affiliated club.
United Bowhunters of Connecticut The United Bow Hunters of Connecticut or UBC's goals are to promote sportsmanship among all bow hunters, to inform its members of legislative matters that may affect their rights, and to stress the importance of conservation, ethics, and hunter's education.

Gun/Firearm Related Sites

AWARE Welcome to We are AWARE's home page. If you have questions about self-protection, we have answers. There's a lot of hype out there - how can you find out the truth about pepper spray, mace, Persuaders, stun guns, firearms and more? What works, what doesn't? AWARE is a non-profit group dedicated to your safety
Benchrest Central

The Absolute Source of Accuracy Components, Services, Accessories, and Information for the Precision Shooter

Bullseye Pistol My primary objective with these pages is to provide the new shooter with any and all information that might help him obtain initial success in this sport. 
** Duncan Long's Firearms Links Extensive listing of manufactures and such.  This is one section of the web site which has other topics as well.

Gun Control

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Gun Shops in Connecticut

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GUN Hoo Gun Pages Central is a continuation of the effort started on The Gun Page to build an index of firearms related links. It started as a list of less than 50 links (this was years ago - when the web was still young). As the list grew and the job of editing it by hand became bigger and bigger - an automated procedure was started.

Eventually this grew into the system used today. There are hundreds (1000+) URLs in the database that are used to generate the alphabetical and categorical files on GunHoo.

Firearm Manufacturers

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Firearms Tactical Institute FIREARMSTACTICAL™ presents information about armed personal defense tactics, tactical methods and training techniques that you can use to develop the physical and mental skills needed to quickly sense and assess criminal threats to your safety, and to select and apply the most appropriate force option(s) to defeat these threats. 
Rec Guns `The most complete source on the internet....Well decide for yourself.
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. The SECOND AMENDMENT SISTERS, Inc. came about when a group of women decided they had enough - enough of the distortion, enough of the misrepresentation, enough of the reproach from the anti-Second Amendment crowd. Learning of the Million Mom March was the last straw!
Shooters Resource site for shooters.  Covers topics such as archery shooting, manufactures, reloading and more.
Sixgunner Collection of firearm related business, articles, news and commentary on various topics such as reloading for handguns.  
Women's Firearms Network This web site is dedicated to making firearms and self-defense info available to women everywhere. We feature info on guns, rifles, handguns, shotguns, hunting, self-defense and more. We welcome your stories, comments and suggestions. This site is for your ideas are important!

Target Shooting

Bulleye Pistol My primary objective with these pages is to provide the new shooter with any and all information that might help him obtain initial success in this sport. It is unfortunate, but true, that many folks who try out this game of bullseye quickly become frustrated and quit because "it ain't as easy as it looks."
Dan Mitchells Clay Target and Wing Shooting School Whether you're a beginner anxious to learn or an experienced shooter looking to improve your accuracy with a shotgun, Dan Mitchell's Shooting School will provide you with just the right level of instruction. You will learn the difference between instinctive wing shooting and competitive shooting Information for the shooter in general.