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Established 1925

Incorporated 1929


Trap positions

Trap and Skeet Range

Range Overview


Rockville Fish & Game's Trap & Skeet Fields invite you to test your hand/eye coordination against a moving target.

Shot-gunners can try at straight away clays from the Trap house or Upland game hunters can sharpen their skills and reaction times from the Skeet houses.  Shooters can compete in registered ATA shoots or amongst each other.

The fields are located just down the road from the clubhouse on the right.  The range is open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for members and their guests.  Members shoot at a reduced rate and the club now has shotguns for members to use.  Gunners are required to bring their own shells, but clays abound.  Refreshments and snacks are always available at "the house", and on occasion, some down home cookin'.

With three fields to pick from, you're bound to have fun!  Come down and shoot with the experts!  Plenty of advice is available for the novice as well as for the more experience shooter.  Or, share your expertise!

Note:  The fields as well as the Club House are handicap accessible.

Hours of Operation


9:00 a.m. to 1/2 hour before legal sunset.   Scheduled tournament events and work parties have priority over time and ranges.


9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Scheduled tournament events and work parties have priority over time and ranges.


9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   Scheduled tournament events and work parties have priority over time and ranges.


It is the intention of the Trap and Skeet Committee to supply to Club
Members and Guests a safe and efficient facility to meet and practice
the time honored sport of Trap and Skeet. As such some rules are
necessary. They are as follows:

  1. Prior to shooting, all Guests (non-members) must sign the logbook
    located at the counter.

  2. All Shooters will sign-up and pay the cashier prior to shooting.

  3. No Shooter will sign-up and pay for more than (1) round at a time.

  4. Skeet is a (5) five-person sport shooting with (6) six is allowed
    only if all members of the squad agree, and shooting conditions (a slow
    day) warrant it. The final decision to allow (6) six shooters on the
    squad rests with the cashier.

  5. The cashier will start all squads. No squad will start shooting
    without his/her approval.

  6. New Shooters may not shoot without supervision. The cashier will
    assign a Rockville Fish & Game Club member to assist new Shooters.

  7. Each squad is responsible for reloading the skeet and trap machines
    and removing the cartons to the trash after completing their round.

  8. Empty hulls damage the mowing and snow removal equipment, are
    dangerous to the operators of this equipment, and are unsightly.  Shooters are responsible for removing their empty hulls from the
    shooting field at completion of their round. 

  9. No shot sizes larger than 7 Ĺ are allowed.

  10. Non-member women and students will shoot for the same price as
    members. Current full time student IDís must be presented to the
    cashier on request.

  11. In the absence of the Trap and Skeet Chairman, the cashier is
    charged with the responsibilities of Range Safety, and General Operation of the facility.

  12. Unsafe shooting practices or disruptive behavior will not be

  13. Actions on all firearms will remain open at all times except when a
    shooter is on a station preparing to fire, or the weapon is in the
    rack. No loaded carry firearms are allowed on the field or in the Field
    House, the owner must secure them or be secured by the cashier in the
    safe unloaded.

  14. No trigger snapping is allowed.

  15. Failure to comply with any of the listed rules will mean immediate
    suspension of shooting privileges, removal from the property, and in the case of Club Members referral to the Executive Board for such discipline as it or the membership may direct.